The average American throws away 4.4 lbs of trash a day.

How We Can Help

Full Circle Source is here to help you on your journey to using less waste. We want to inspire people to look at their individual daily choices and see what simple changes we can all make to reduce or even eliminate single use plastic.

We don’t believe recycling is the main answer to the plastic problem the world is facing, but that reducing our usage of plastic is. We provide education and resources to help you in your lifestyle change. 

The website and store are currently being revamped. Follow us over at instagram to stay in touch.


Hi, I’m Sara Gallaugher. My family and I have been on the journey to reduce our waste for over 10 years and I know that journey will never end. We want to share the products with you that we have used for years and love. We're hoping to inspire change here in Central Ohio and beyond.